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 "I suffer from a kidney disease and basically my doctor said he has done all he can do and that I should stick to my medication...  I started using this Silvera Solution a month ago and it’s a miracle, I honestly feel like I did before I got sick and my doctor is amazed, this really is a solution!" - Tom Marle

This Solution has healed so many of my friends and patients from the flu to sleepless nights. I am a caregiver and get concerned when my elderly friends get sick at their age..they seem to recover very quickly when I give them this solution so I always have Silvera near by! Dana Dudley SC

I am only in my 40s and my prostate was backed up and it was difficult to urinate.
My girlfriend bought me some of this silver solution and literally in days I was unblocked! I wouldn’t normally talk about it but thank you and this is something I am suggesting to all my buddies. Craig Michaels

I was constantly bloated, stomach and digestive issues and beyond discomfort. I started taking it and within the first few days I was finally feeling relief after years of trying other things. I am starting to tell everyone I know about this product. Thank you Silvera!  - Chris M.

I have seen a number of specialists who continue to tell me I have an autoimmune disease although they are not sure what is causing it. Nearly every morning I wake up to a bloated tight stomach and it lasts for most of the day. I have cut out most of the foods I really enjoyed eating and have tried many products but this Silvera really is a soluti Read more about review stating Gut Solutionon. The first day on this product my stomach pain was gone! It's been over a month now and I feel great, THIS IS A GAMECHANGER - Elizabeth N.

"I went to my best friends wedding in Mexico and came down with a nasty stomach bug, my friend had silvera silver and after taking a few doses I was totally better! This saved me from missing a very special event! Thank you so much!" - Taylor Fassa

"I have always been a larger girl but lately I have been really lazy and virtually no energy. My doctor said I could have IBS and suggested a few drugs, I decided to try Silvera after a friend had some success using it. Sounds funny but after the first day I felt like I was floating, my stomach settled and I slept like a baby. I woke up with no bloating and felt like a new woman, I went for a long walk and had so much energy! Now I am back into my daily workouts feeling great!" - Debbie Sanders , W Virginia

I was struggling with some gut problems for over two years, my doctor could not figure it out and said it could be autoimmune disease.  A friend told me about Silvera Structured Silver and in only two weeks my bloating, gas, and stomach pain was gone.  I have not had any problems in over 8 months, I have shared this product with my brother and other friends and it has done magic - Henry Penzi

Silvera helped me with my health condition and fast, thanks to my friend Henry for sharing this company with me!  Vernon Davis #85

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