Silvera Video 2 – Silvera Silver

American Company Discovers NEW GUT SOLUTION!  It's Helping So Many People!

What You Will Learn In This Video

  • How The Gut Has A Major Role In Every Aspect Of Our Health And What Can Be Done To Cleanse It
  • How All The Preservatives/Additives And More In Foods Are Causing People Health Issues
  • Why Inflammation Is Causing So Many Health Issues For So Many Americans
  • How Silvera Silver Can Help The Gut

What Our Customers Are Saying!


Silvera Silver  has helped countless people enjoy a fuller and active lifestyle. 

Join the revolution, kick start your health and get back to balance today. 100% Risk free Guarantee. If you are not happy with Silvera Silver for any reason, we will refund* your money no questions asked on all bundle packs. Simply email:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Silvera Structured Silver Solution made?
Silvera Structured Silver Solution is a new gut solution discovered in the United States and is made at a federally inspected facility. The manufacturing facility is certified GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices )

Can I used this solution with my other medications?
Silvera Structured Silver is 100% natural and safe to use with medications. No known side effects have been known.

How do I use Silvera Structured Silver Solution?
Simply take 1 to 3 tablespoons twice daily with or without a meal. If taken on an empty stomach the solution can absorb in the body quicker and is often urinated out.  If taken with a meal it can take longer to pass through the body but this method can also promote cleansing of the colon tract which is a growing concern to anyone over the age of 40.

Is there a guarantee?
If you are not happy with Silvera Silver for any reason, we will refund* your money no questions asked on all bundle packages @ email:

How long should I take the Solution for?
Many customers are now using the Silvera Structured Silver Solution as a daily defense, keeping the immune system strong and your gut healthy can create a powerful barrier to everyday pathogens and toxins. Results will vary and many users keep a bottle of the solution on standby in case of a sudden sickness. Silvera Structured Silver is highly recommended in cold & flu season!

Speak with our fully trained American support team about your specific or individual needs.