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Frequently Asked Questions

Colloidal vs Structured Silver?
Where is Silvera made?
What is Silvera Safe Silver?
What can Silvera help with?
How does Silver kill bad bacteria and not the good?
New germ fighters?
The History of Silver & Health?
Antibiotics vs Silver?
Are Silver Solutions making a Resurgence?
Expert Opinions?
What does it taste like?
What actually happens when I drink this?
How long should I use Silvera?
60 Day Money Back Guarantee?
Does this product expire?
Is Silvera Safe Silver for everyone?
Can I use Silvera while on antibiotics or my prescription drugs?
How long does shipping take?
What is your return and exchange policy?
Does Silvera Safe Silver have any side effects?
Can you take Silvera on a flight?
Is Silver Anti-Bacterial?
Is Silver a disinfectant?
Is Silver Anti-fungal?

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