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Keeping our gut health strong is essential to good health and mental wellness.  A strong immune system can protect your body from infection, viruses and bad bacteria.  A strong immune system will allow your body to rest, recover and restore!
Silver has been used for centuries to prevent illness, purify water and help improve recovery from injury and disease.. The use of silver has circled the world helping cultures and communities stay healthy and strong long before modern medicines and pharmaceuticals.

The Romans & Greeks used vessels made from silver to protect and purify water
The Roman Empire stored wine in silver urns to prevent spoilage.
Before the invention of modern medicine and antibiotics, it was known that disease-causing bacteria and germs could not survive in the presence of silver.
In the Middle Ages, silverware was believed to be what protected the wealthy from the plague.

The Australians in the outback use silverware in their water tanks to retard spoilage.
Patriots of American West found that if they placed silver coins in their casks of water, it kept the water safe from growth of bacteria, algae, etc...  Silver coins on belt buckles was used to combat infection in open wounds and battle scars.

Before the introduction of antibiotics in the 1950s, silver was commonly used in hospitals and has been known as antibacterial for over 1000 years.  Silver is used across the United States to disinfect newborns eyes Silver is the newest antimicrobial fabric in athletic wear 2018 NASA uses Silver Solution on all space missions Nano Silver Microscopic Particles are being researched in the most advanced new Cancer procedures.  Colloidal Silver “ old generation “ sold in nearly every health & vitamin store in the world.

The new structured silver is the most advanced, safest and most effective Silver Solution on the market today.

Nearly every doctor and wellness professional will agree your health depends on a healthy gut. The human microbiome “the gut“ is responsible for nearly all health complications and conditions.

Silvera Structured Silver is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States because we offer a new natural solution that works!  Modern, prescription medications are designed to manage and cope with symptoms! Never getting to the source and never allowing your body to restore and heal.

Silvera Structured Silver is designed to cleanse your gut and help restore your good flora.

Healthy gut, healthy life!

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