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About Us

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Our revolutionary nano technology combines two of the most powerful natural resources found on earth which holds the key to a healthy life.

Silvera Safe Silver uses 100% H20 and 99.99% pure Silver in our proprietary process of using ultra high frequency charges to bond silver particles to a water molecule.

This incredible process allows the silver solution to safely pass through your body the moment you consume it killing off only the bad bacteria, germs and pathogens without metabolizing through your organs unlike the older generations of colloidal silvers which have to metabolize through your organs posing a risk of build up.

Silver has been used for thousands of year for natural healing and its amazing anti-bacterial agents. The simple answer to why silver liquids and gels don't kill good, healthy bacteria, is because they can't penetrate a double fat layer because they're water-soluble, but easily steal electrons that are only one electron thick, in the unhealthy, pathogenic bacteria.” Our team is dedicated to producing the worlds best natural silver health products, outstanding customer service and helping our customers maintain or restore their health to the best possible state. Our product is manufactured at our GMP facility in Ogden, Utah

Our Silvera Silver product lines are designed with this purpose in mind…whether it’s a natural supplement for keeping the bugs in your gut powerfully effective…a skin treatment to nourish the healthy bacteria that live on the outside of your body…or our travel face spray that could keep you safe from airborne germs and bacteria often associated with travel.

It’s all about taking care of your good bacteria. Because if you take care of them… they’ll take care of you. We hope you try our products and share with your family and friends for the healthiest possible life!

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